Ubud Monkey Forest

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Entry: Adult:Rp50,000
Child Rp40,000 8.30am-6pm (tickets sold until 5.30pm)

Following the Hindu philosophy of Tri Hita Karana (harmonious relationships between humans and other humans, the environment & the Supreme God), this sacred place strives to be more than a tourist attraction. As well as a sanctuary for hundreds of macaque monkeys, who keep watch and play among the moss covered stone walls and dense, overhanging foliage,  the site also contributes significantly to research, in particular into the animal’s  social interaction and behaviour within their environment.

While they are very cute, the female monkeys are very protective of their young and the older males can become a little aggressive, especially if they have their eye on some fruit you are carrying. For safety, it is best to adhere to the sanctuary’s recommendations for visitors. If you walk through the “forest” to the end you will find yet another temple, which is not open to the public, but for prayer only.

At A Glance

Jl. Monkey Forest
Ubud Bali 80571

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