Two Medicine

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Two Medicine holds the footprints of glaciers in a string of three lakes. Below Rising Wolf Mountain, its biggest lake shimmers with clear, clean water. Frequent winds whip the water into white caps, but when winds abate, the glassy water mirrors the red of the mountain.

Compared to other park locations, Two Medicine sees far fewer people. That’s due to its off-the-beaten-path location in the southeast corner of Glacier National Park.

A mile high in elevation, Two Medicine Lake rims with peaks named for Blackfeet personalities. You can learn about them on the Sinopah boat tour that crosses the lake.

At the lake’s foot, anglers can rent small motorboats to fish. Paddlers can rent kayaks and canoes. In the historic chalet, a camp store serves light meals and ice cream. For campers, a campground offers campsites with sightings of bears and bighorn sheep on the slopes of Rising Wolf.

Crowd-free trails circle the lake. Some climb to nearby high passes of Dawson, Pitamakin and Two Medicine. One of the most dramatic trails ascends switchbacks to the wind-swept alpine tundra of Scenic Point. From the point, views span miles of peaks and prairie.

At A Glance

End of Two Medicine Road
East Glacier

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