Tuvalu Marine Training Institute

Where merchant mariners come from

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Much of Tuvalu’s revenue comes from expatriate Tuvaluans working abroad as seamen, cooks and engineers on international cargo ships and many of them started their careers here – at the Tuvalu Marine Training
Institute on Amatuku Island, off the northern tip of Fongafale.

This island is right next to Afelita Island Resort, so a visit can be arranged during your stay there for a small fee.

The college trains about 120 cadets a year and one of them will meet you at the jetty to show you around. It’s a short but interesting “tour”; in addition to the college’s ship-like facilities, you’ll see Tuvalu’s oldest building, a
whitewashed coral hut built as a school by the London Missionary Society in 1904.

At A Glance

Amatuku Island


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