Lording it at Turenne

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From the late 12th Century until the Revolution the viscounts of Turenne ruled the surrounding area as absolute monarchs answerable to no one and doing as they pleased. Turenne’s egg is a legacy from this period. They even minted their own coins and levied taxes!

The formidable Château (open all year) stands above the village and it is easy to see how this must have cowed the locals and impressed visitors in earlier times. The best view is from the D38 road from Brive just west of the town during the late afternoon. Turenne is a Plus Beau Village with a lower part containing many renaissance period buildings including a church in the shape of a Greek cross. The Upper town is dominated by the Château and entry to it is appropriately through a fortified gate.

People from the surrounding area believe, only half jokingly, that the inhabitants of the town still consider themselves to be somewhat superior due their history. Only a visit to this spectacular place will help you to decide if they are correct!

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