Tunnel of Trees

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M-119 is a narrow country road that parallels the waters of Lake Michigan connecting Harbor Springs and Cross Village, a 20-mile stretch of road known as the Tunnel of Trees. Following the crest of a high bluff overlooking the lake, the twisting, curving byway, passing through lands in some ways unchanged since Native America tribes like the Odawa made this their home, is considered one of the most scenic roads in America.

To one side are immaculately preserved architectural jewels — large houses with wrap around porches, verandas, gabled roofs, decoratively cut siding shingles painted in bright colors (Victorian era home owners favored deep blues, reds, greens and yellows). On the other side is a steep wooded drop-off descending to the blue hued waters.

In the fall, when leaves have turned a kaleidoscope of cinnamons, russets, tangerines and saffron yellows, is probably the most spectacular time to take the drive — or ride a bike as it’s a popular cycling route as well. But it is magnificent no matter what time of the year as it passed through the charming town of Good Hart with its old fashioned general stores and then on to the famed Leggs Inn overlooking the water and known for its very unique architecture of stone and driftwood in Cross Village

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