Tunnel Creek

Go underground after a Colonial-era Indigenous rebel

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One of the more unusual of many remarkable natural features in the far-north Kimberley region, and a one-off for bushwalking Western Australia, Tunnel Creek has drilled a 750m-long passage through the ancient Napier Range. Aboriginal tracker-turned-outlaw Jandamarra hid out here during three years of rebellion against police and white settlers before he was shot dead in 1897. So as you follow your torch beam underground remember that the tunnel’s depths hold more than geological secrets.

Daylight penetrated only a short way into the tunnel until a roof collapse half-way along opened its heart to fresh air and filtered light. The flying foxes that hang out in the leafy trees in the collapse area are one of five bat species that roust in Tunnel Creek.

Other than the rock scramble at the mouth, you’ve got a flat walk through the limestone range and out the other side. Water depth determines the degree of adventure and how wet you’ll get. And the muddy bottom removes loose footwear – don’t wear thongs!

At A Glance

(618) 9195-5500
A$13 per car park entry (up to 12 passengers); multi-park multi-day passes also available
Often closed due to flooding in the wet season (November-March)

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