Trulli Houses of Puglia

Unique stone houses in the Itria Valley of Puglia

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Trulli are stone structures with conical roofs, usually used as houses, unique to Puglia’s Itria Valley area around Alberobello. No mortar is used to hold the stones together. Roofs are made by layering limestone slabs over limestone stones and many have a symbol painted on them. Most trulli houses are one room but trulli can be attached together to make multi-room houses. It’s uncertain when people started building trulli or why but one theory on the origins is that houses built without mortar avoided taxation.

The highest concentration of trulli are in the trulli zone of Alberobello. Today many trulli have been made into hotels or vacation apartments although people still live in some of them. You can stay in a trulli village at Grand Hotel la Chiusi di Chietri, just outside the town of Alberobello, or at Le Alcove Resort, in the center of town. See more about Trulli Hotels.

Trulli also dot the countryside, especially in the Alberobello area. These trulli are usually more simple stone structures.

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