Trulli Hotels in Puglia

Staying in Trulli, Unique Lodging in Puglia

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Trulli, unique dwellings found in the Itria Valley around the town of Alberobello, are one of the sights most associated with the Puglia region. Today a number of trulli have been turned into hotels or vacation rentals.

I visited several trulli hotels and stayed in the trulli village at Grand Hotel la Chiusa di Chietri, Alberobello where you can visit the trulli zone, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you decide to stay in a trullo (singular of trulli), be aware that you won’t have a spacious room, as they are fairly small inside, and there won’t be many windows. Traditionally trulli had few, if any, windows although small windows are often added during remodeling. Originally trulli didn’t have indoor plumbing either but in trulli hotels or vacation rentals, small modern bathrooms have been added but don’t expect a spacious bathroom.

The trullo where I stayed was comfortable and quiet and a unique lodging experience. If you’re looking for something a little different than an average hotel, consider this option.

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