The Black Gold of the Périgord

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Often referred to as the black gold of the Périgord these delicacies have an almost mythical reputation and as for their price – well, if you need to ask you can’t afford them!

The Truffle, or truffe to the French, is impossible to cultivate and this edible funghi has to be found by hunters who know exactly where to obtain them. Usually this in woodland where they can be found around the roots of the holm oak. Historically, professional truffle hunters used pigs to dig them out but the porkers knew a good thing when they smelled it and sometimes ate them! Nowadays, dogs are used since once they are located the hounds lose interest and pass on to the next delicious smell.

They are normally used to add flavour to local recipes and delicacies such as foie gras. The price – well if you have to ask then be prepared to part with €800 for a kilo!

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