Scottish moonscapes

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The Trotternish peninsula forms the northern tip of the Isle of Skye and is famed for its medley of cliffs and rock fingers.

They owe their existence to the uneven weathering of huge chunks of volcanic rock. But what makes them particularly spectacular are the huge landslides at their base. They were the result of a huge and unstable mass of volcanic material crumbling a softer sandstone and limestone layer below.

The most famous rock outcrop is the Old Man of Storr, a huge finger of rock six miles north of Portree. But this is best left to hardcore climbers.

A better place to take in the magnificence of it all is on a straightforward hike along the Trotternish Ridge. This hike starts from a car park (location for this entry on the map) around 2km from Staffin along the minor road to Uig. From it a path heads north to an area known as the Quiraing where various rock formations have been dubbed “The Prison“; “The Needle” and “The Table“. It’s a 2 mile/4km out-and-back hike: allow a couple of hours.

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