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The opening of Tropical Moose shaved ice stand, or “Tromo” is a seasonal celebration in St. Louis, a sign that summer has arrived. Every year from Memorial Day to Labor Day, kids, dogs, and parents alike line up in front of this neighborhood stand in anticipation of the frozen treats to be had.

Located in the Kirkwood Farmer’s Market, Tromo offers more than 50 delicious flavors of shaved ice, from the basics such as Cherry and Root Beer to the more obscure: Monkey Snot and Wedding Cake.

They top their icy and sugary concoctions with a generous (and free) spoonful of Willy Wonka’s Nerds candy or sprinkles to give your treat that extra kick.

Brought the dog along? No problem! Pick up a Canine Cooler—an animal friendly delight that ensures the whole family is happy and well fed.

An outdoor seating area covered in ivy within the market gives visitors a relaxing atmosphere to socialize and enjoy their snow cones. Sizes range from mini to large and start at just one dollar, so the price is always right!

At A Glance

Taylor and Argonne
noon to 9 pm


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