Trolley Rides

"Clang, Clang Clang Go the Trolleys"

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The downtown trolley system, while used by hundreds of downtown residents and workers, makes 28 stops at some of the city’s most popular and significant destinations.

These include the City Museum, The Old Courthouse, City Garden, and locations very close to the Arch and Stadium. A second route covers everything in Forest Park.

For just $2 a day, you can get on and off these bright orange busses as many times as you like. If you want to access additional routes, the price will increase.

And the other busses are just plain boring busses. But the downtown trolley, Route 99, they are a fun, vibrant part of the energy of downtown STL.

At A Glance

(314) 231-2345
$2 adults; $1 for children.


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