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Hotel Hana-Maui reincarnated

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Doing something is the key to a stay at Travaasa Hana, the reincarnation of Hotel Hana-Maui.. The Denver-based owners have just two hotels in their portfolio — the other is in Austin. But the aim is to have boutique luxury properties in culturally distinctive areas. That couldn’t be a better fit than Hana. And the hotel has added a long list of daily activities to create a more intensive Hana experience.

The hotel rewards travelers after the long Road to Hana drive with gorgeous isolation, utter quiet, friendly local staff and luxury of space in rooms and on the grounds. Or you can arrive more quickly on a daily flight from Kahului on Mokulele Airlines. It offers spectacular views of the coastline.

A total multi-million dollar renovation in 2015 has updated rooms and amenities. The hotel consistently rates at the top of reader polls in Conde Nast Traveler, HAWAII magazine, and Andrew Harper Hideaway.

Rooms are in two distinctive areas. The less expensive Garden View Suites line a large lawn near the restaurant and spa. Across the road are Sea Ranch Cottages spread out on an area that reaches to a spectacular coastline with pounding surf. Only adults may stay in the Sea Ranch Cottages. You won’t find air conditioning, television, or even clocks in rooms. You will find splendid isolation.

Hamoa Beach, where the hotel has a kiosk and restrooms, is about a mile away, served by a shuttle.

A fine small spa, horizon and fitness pools, two restaurants, kayaking on Hana Bay, horseback riding, agriculture tours, and other activities will appeal to energetic travelers. And baseball games or outdoor movies in Hana Park may be some of the most unique things you can do on Maui. Most hotel employees live in Hana, and are often the sons or daughters and grandchildren of former employees. The fellow taking me to my room in a golf course said, “If you make a mistake, someone will tell your mother.” They will treat you like family.

One thing never changes about this hotel. You may still be transported in the hotel’s fire-engine-red touring car.

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5031 Hana Hwy.
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