Transept/Bridal trails

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So you’re inspired by the sweeping views and can’t wait to lock your car and hit the trail. You don’t have to leave the developed area to escape the commotion. The 1.5-mile Transept Trail follows the North Rim from the Back Country Office past the Campground to the Lodge and Bright Angel Point. Look for a rectangle of rocks from a 900-year-old ruin between the campground and lodge. The residents probably farmed and hunted in the forest, and enjoyed the views. The Bridal Trail loops from the Back Country Office through the forest along the highway to the Lodge and Bright Angel Trail, making a 3-mile roundtrip possible. Bicycles and pets on leash are allowed on both tails. Download a PDF map of the North Rim trails.

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Seasonal May 15-Oct. 15

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