Trani Cathedral

Romanesque Cathedral on the Sea

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Trani’s 12th century cathedral is set in a beautiful location on an open square by the sea, near the Swabian Castle. The cathedral was constructed to house the bones of Saint Nicholas the Pilgrim, from Greece, who died in Trani in 1094 and it is dedicated to him (not to be confused with Basilica of Saint Nicholas in Bari).

Fantastic Romanesque carvings decorate the exterior and it’s one of the best examples of a Romanesque church in Puglia. The medieval bronze doors are from the late 12th century. The cathedral’s interior has mostly been modernized but the crypt is still Romanesque in style and its pillars have Romanesque capitals. Incredible mosaics decorate the floor.

A tall 13th century bell tower with an arch below it stands next to the cathedral. Inexpensive tours of the tower are held in the mornings.

In Trani, I recommend staying at Hotel San Paolo al Convento.

At A Glance

Via Giovanni Beltrami 9
70059 Trani


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