Trakoscan Castle

Croatia's fairytale castle

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Croatia’s most impressive castle.

Surrounded by rolling hills, pine forests and perched above a lake Trakoscan is Croatia’s most impressive castle.

Once a defensive lookout Trakoscan was added to in the 13th century. The structure acted as home to the Draskovic family who turned the then fortress into the romantic fairy tale castle you see today.

The museum takes up four floors with the rooms displaying pieces of Draskovic family furniture, art including family portraits and a collection of armory and hunting trophies. You can also tour the original kitchen and cellar.

Outside, take a stroll around the artificial lake and a fraction of the 215 acre castle grounds. You can rent a paddle boat and after the exercise, there’s a restaurant and cafe on the jetty side that’s perfect for lunch.

At A Glance

Trakoscan Castle
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