Trailview Overlook ‘€“ Hermit Road

Bird's-eye view of hikers

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Named for the view of the Bright Angel Trail switchbacks that cut steeply down from the rim, this first stop on the western South Rim Trail is just .7 mile from the shuttle bus transfer station west of Bright Angel Lodge. Facing east, you see El Tovar Hotel atop the sheer cliff of Kaibab Limestone caprock. The trail and creek follow Bright Angel Fault to the Indian Gardens and to the river. The fault continues to the North Rim, providing the only route for rim-to-rim hiking. The next viewpoint is Maricopa Point, an easy .7 mile. Look for the brilliant red Firecracker Penstemon, the Hairy Fleabane with white rays and yellow centers, and the parasitic Broomrape whose pipe-like stems have no chlorophyll.

Hermit Road shuttle station to Trailview Overlook: .7 mile
Trailview Overlook west to Maricopa Point: .7 mile

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