Tournus – Saint-Philibert Abbey

Crown Jewel of Area Romanesque Churches

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11th century church

The church of Saint-Philibert Abbey towers over Tournus. For miles around its two steeples overlook the land. So if your GPS goes out no worries ;).

Church origins date to the 2nd century and the tomb built for Saint-Valerian. Over the centuries the tomb was built on and became a church, then an Abbey.

Saint-Valerian, originally dedicated to Saint-Valerian, changed names in the 9th century. When a group of wondering monks arrived with the relics of Saint-Philibert.

The relics of Saint-Philibert can be found behind the altar and those of Saint-Valerian in the crypt, the believed location of the original tome of Saint-Valerian.

Saint-Philibert Abbey is off the A6 Autoroute and open to the public, no admission charged. Follow signs for signs ‘Abbaye’.

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