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A great meal at Tiffany’s Restaurant in Topeka is just one reason to stop in this tiny Amish village. Topeka is located just south of Shipshewana and is far less commercial about its Amish population.
The hardware store in town advertises propane run refrigerators, washers and dryers (remember the Amish eschew electricity) and across the street, the Topeka Pharmacy has been owned by the same family for generations and serves a long vanished, if not forgotten soda drink called Green River at its soda fountain.
At Tiffany’s, many of the diners are Amish men and women dressed in their simple clothes, there are horse and buggies parked out front and all the food is homemade. The same can be said for the uniquely named Topeka Auction Restaurant (this is part of a large auction house) almost right across the street.

Mark the date for the Annual Topeka Quilt Show & Sale in June (now held in nearby Honeyville) as well as Horse Progress Days held at the Topeka Auction in July.

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