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Here’s a list of the ten best restaurants in Scotland, complied using the ratings of gastro-Gods Michelin to establish the nominees, then ranked according to their Rosetta rating by motoring organisation AA. Final positions were then based on their Tripadvisor popularity (number of stars, then number of reviews).

1. Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles, Central & Fife (2 Michelin/4 Rosettas)

2. Martin Wishart, Edinburgh (1 Michelin/4 Rosettas)

3. Boath House, Highlands (1 Michelin/4 Rosettas)

4. Glenapp Castle, Ayrshire & Arran (1 Michelin/4 Rosettas)

5. Martin Wishart Loch Lomond, Cameron House (1 Michelin/3 Rosettas)

6. Number One, Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh (1 Michelin/3 Rosettas)

7. The Kitchin, Edinburgh (1 Michelin/3 Rosettas)

8. Castle Terrace, Edinburgh (1 Michelin/3 Rosettas)

9. Kinloch Lodge, Skye (1 Michelin/3 Rosettas)

10. Peat Inn, Fife (1 Michelin/3 Rosettas)

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