Tomboy Ghost Town Above Telluride

Hard to believe how miners got gold out of those hills

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The ride up to the Tomboy mine above Telluride is as much fun as walking around the remnants of this gold-mining town. You head approximately five miles up the 4-WD Tomboy Road to Imogene Pass to reach the site where up to 900 men worked until the gold ran out in the late 1920s.

There’s more to see up there than you will in most ghost towns, and while you can legally drive your own high-clearance 4-WD up the road, it’s challenging. You’ll have more fun listening to a driver from one of the tour companies, plus a better opportunity to take photographs. As you head uphill, try to imagine yourself driving a supply wagon pulled by a team of mules on that road. And, imagine  trying to keep that wagon on the road in lousy weather!

You can learn more about the Tomboy Mine in this article.

The road is open only a few months each summer and it’s cool, so bring a jacket or sweater. Several operators that provide tours, but we went with Telluride Outside Outfitters and can recommend them.

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121 W. Colorado Ave.
Telluride Colorado 81435


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