Toledo Metro Art Station

This award winning metro station is no black hole.

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Descending into Naples Toledo Metro station, you’ll be transported from the blacks and ochres of the earth to the crystal blue waters of the deepest ocean. Rays of light streaming in from above bounce around as though they’re being reflected off of the facets of a million diamonds. By the time you reach the bottom 50 meters below ground, you’ll be hearing Samuel E. Wright’s voice in your head singing Under the Sea.

Like the other Metro Art Stations on lines M1 and M6, contemporary works of art feature prominently in this station designed by the Spanish Firm Oscar Tusquets Blanca and built along Via Toledo on the edges of Naples Spanish Quarter. Two William Kentridge mosaics dominate the ground floor. His sculpture, Il cavaliere di Toledo (in COR-TEN steel), sits above the station in the piazza. There are photographic works by Achille Cevoli and Robert Wilson’s light panels ferry you along the corridor to the station’s tracks. Exposed archaeological ruins found during the excavation of the station were also worked into its design.

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Via Toledo

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