Tokkuri Tei

Superb Japanese cuisine

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Some of the best sushi, sashimi and Japanese cuisine can be found at this top-floor restaurant on Kapahulu Avenue–just a few minutes drive from Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki’s main drag. Park on the street or in the garage underneath the building and make your way up the two flights of stairs to this well-sized yet unassuming eatery. Tokkuri-Tei because always selects the best fish, the staff is attentive and Yuji, one of the sushi chefs behind the counter, can be a riot to talk to if it’s not too packed.

If you sit at the bar and are feeling adventurous, let the sushi chefs surprise you. A couple staples you shouldn’t do without: the Rainbow Roll (inside-out roll) and maguro (fresh yellowfin tuna sushi). Their menu is so vast, though, that you don’t have to limit yourself to just sushi or sashimi. Try some nabe (Japanese noodle-soup), gyoza or shrimp tempura.

Keep in mind they accept reservations until 7:30pm and after that, seating is on a first-come basis. If you’re in a group, best to call in advance, but if it’s just one or two of you, definitely try to nab a seat at the counter so you can strike up a conversation with the people next to you and have a laugh with your sushi chef.

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611 Kapahulu Avenue #102
Honolulu 96815

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