Titanic Museum Attraction

The world's largest museum devoted to the Titanic

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The Titanic Museum Attraction’s exterior looks like the doomed ship, built at half the scale of the original, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg to a visit here. Upon entering, you’ll be given a boarding pass with a Titanic passenger’s name on it. You’ll then see a replica of the ship’s grand staircase, rare photos taken on board the ship, a 1912 Marconi wireless (valued at more than $500,000) and the difference between first- and third-class staterooms. You can touch an iceberg, stand on a deck slanted 45 degrees, view artifacts donated by those on the ship or their relatives, and learn about the fateful last hours of the maiden journey.

Audio guides include oral accounts by actual Titanic survivors, while staff dressed in period costumes stand ready to answer questions. There are even two resident dogs, King Charles spaniards (10 dogs, belonging mostly to first-class passengers were on the Titanic).

And that boarding pass you got upon entering? At the end of your self-guided tour you can see whether your passenger survived, making the experience a lot more personal.

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3235 Highway 76
$26.50 adults, $14 children, $81 family pass.

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