Tinnura: A Mural Town in Rural Sardinia

Learn of Sardinian Village Life Through Art

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The tiny hamlet of Tinnura in Oristano province near Bosa is awash in murals. Unlike the political murals of better-know Orgosolo, those of Tinnura celebrate the traditional rural life of Sardinians in the recent past; the local  economy is based on simple rural traditions. Sheep, vineyards (Tinnura lies within the territory of the famous Sardinian wine called Malvasia di Bosa), and fruit make up the bulk of local livelihood.

In the picture below, the famous Sartiglia is celebrated, as well as the region’s Asphodel Baskets and other Sardinian traditions and products.

tinnura mural
Tinnura Mural

The territory has been inhabited since the Prehistoric Age, evidenced by the presence of menhirs, the Tres Bias Nuraghe and the Su Crastu Covocadu ‘giants’ tomb’.

The Romans flocked to the area, attracted to the climatic conditions and the richness of  soils here. The ground was perfect for the cultivation of cereals, an agricultural tradition that continued until the Middle Ages.

tinura mural
Tinnura Street Scene on a house for sale

The Sardinian Mural Tradition

The mural tradition in Sardinia started around 1968 in the town of San Sperate. Tinnura’s are more recent, starting in the early 2000s. Many of the murals here were produced by muralista sarda Pina Monne, a celebrated muralist virtually unknown outside of Sardinia.

Tinnura along with nearby Flussio make up a region of basket-making using the leaves of the asphodel plant, which grows profusely along the roads of the area.

Getting to Tinnura

The murals tell their story all across the village. Many of the houses on the main road show a kind of faux village life in their depictions, as if the inhabitants were out in the heat of the day for your enjoyment. You’ll see many of them even if you are just passing through.

The muraled village is a 9 minute drive from Bosa. Walking would take you less then two hours. The ARST bus–ARST Spa – Trasporti Regionali Della Sardegna–number 703 makes the journey in 16 minutes and costs less then 2 euro.

You can walk to Flussio in 9 minutes.

tinnura mural
Village life in the shade and in the sun




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