Thorsborne Trail

hike from lush forest to sun-kissed beach on an island jewel

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Hinchinbrook is a beautiful brooch of an island pinned just off Queensland’s north coast, its rough-cut forested mountains rising from turquoise waters. You could admire this jewel from the mainland or a boat. Or hike thirty-plus kilometres along its hidden, eastern facet, on the Thorsborne Trail, a highlight of bushwalking Queensland.

A moderate-hard through walk, the Thorsborne Trail provides privileged access – a maximum of 40 people per day permitted – to Hinchinbrook’s wealth of habitats.

Over the four days you’ll traverse rainforest, melaleuca wetlands and heath. You’ll clamber over headlands and climb eucalypt-clad mountain slopes. You’ll stroll from gorgeous beaches frequented by estuarine crocodiles to “saltie”-free waterfalls. Along the way you’ll navigate multiple creeks, some of which are dramatically affected by Hinchinbrook tides, which range over 4m.

This is remote pack walking but there are places where you can get a mobile phone signal and boast to friends.

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(617) 3405-0985
A$5.95 per night per person camping on the island; three nights required.

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