Thewet Market

Orchids, chilis, tamarind soap, and smelly fish

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This small food and produce market stretches down lanes and roads in every direction. The covered area that runs along the canal toward the river has cooking supplies and a lot of fish and gets a bit malodorous. But along the west side of Samsen you’ll find a lot of nice produce: cucumbers, chilis, Thai herbs.

Across the street are soap sellers with the good Thai scents: camphor, tamarind, and other herbal treats. Down Luk Luang, which runs along the north side of the canal, there are a few more stands. Across the canal and toward Thewet Pier there is a flower and plant market with some Feng Shui supplies. Don’t forget to play Let’s Make a Deal.

Riverboat taxi: Thewet Pier

At A Glance

Samsen Road at Phadung Canal

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