Theodore Roosevelt Island

Urban oasis and fitting memorial to a conservation-minded president

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Theodore Roosevelt Island is an 88.5-acre urban oasis in the middle of the Potomac River. the park offers greenery and great views of the District. A visit can be noisy because of the frequent flights from Washington Reagan National Airport. Nonetheless, put on headphones  and enjoy the island’s gentle hikes.  Ranger-led tours shed light on the island’s wildlife, including beavers, box turtles and opossums.

The Swamp Trail, the park’s longest, is  a 1.5 mile loop through swampy woods and cattail marshes. To see Teddy’s statue, follow the  1/3 mile, gravel Woods Trail through the island’s heart.  The .75-mile Upland Trail, passes through the forest as it traverses the length of the island.

The park is open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pets on leashes are permitted but not on the ranger-led walks.

TRANSIT: Driving and biking are the only realistic options, unless you own a boat. The only unfortunate thing is that the island’s parking lot (connected to the island via a footbridge) is only accessible from the northbound lanes of the G.W. Parkway, making the lot a bit tricky to find.

At A Glance

Theodore Roosevelt Island
Daily 6am-10pm


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