The Wall

Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site of Canada

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Quebec City stands as the only fortified city in North America and they’ve got 2.9 miles of wall to prove it. This is in fact the third and last fortification, which was built by the British between 1745 and 1759.

An interpretation center at Artillery Park offers a thorough history of the unique defense system.

A recommended guided tour offered by Parcs Canada retraces city history and offers great views of Quebec along the way:

Stops include the Quebec Funicular, the Governors’ Garden, and the Dufferin Terrace, which was named for Lord Dufferin who was instrumental in preserving the fortified wall when others wanted to tear it down. The tour concludes at La Citadelle with an impressive climb up the Cap Diamont hill near Pierre Dugua de Mons Terrace park. Much like an enemy soldier that might have attempted the climb centuries ago, boy, are you in for a surprise at the top of that hill – nowhere to run, nowhere to hide — simple but ingenious military technology of the day.

Written by
Steve Howell

At A Glance

2 Rue d’Auteuil
$4 for adults for Interpretation Center admission; $10 for guided tour.
Interpretation Center open daily May through mid-October. Tours offered June through mid-October.


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