The Six Collection

The private collection of the Six family

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This special “museum” will require a bit of planning on your part. Located in a private house of the Dutch aristocratic family, the Six family, this small museum is made up of a private art collection.

With roots dating back to 1032, the Six family collected and preserved art through the centuries. Eight of their most valuable pieces, including “The Milkmaid” by Vermeer were purchased by the Dutch state and are now at the Rijksmuseum. But you can still see the rest of the collection (from 1915).

The house is located on the river Amstel and has many interesting objects and antique furniture. However, you will need to make your formal request to visit via the website, as (free) entry is via email invitation only. Guided tours take around one hour and 30 minutes. Pictures and film are not allowed.

At A Glance

Amstel 218
Amsterdam 1017 AJ
( 31) 02-0624-7777

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