The Seven Thinkers

Conversation in Nice

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Strategically placed around the place Masséna in  Nice, on both sides of the tram lines, you cannot fail to notice seven tall poles with what look like opaque white Budhas sitting on top of them.

These unusual works are the brainchild of Catalan artist Jaime Plensa who created this contemporary piece in 2007. The seven polystyrene statues represent ‘thinkers’ from the world’d seven continents who communicate with one another, hence the title of the installation. The alternative title for the piece is ‘the Conversation at Nice’


You can’t see or hear a conversation during the day. However, after dark the statues continually glow and change colour from green to red to pink to blue to orange and back again. You either like it or hate it but you can’t ignore it. Moreover, any artwork which promotes the concept that humans need to communicate with each other must be a great idea!

At A Glance

Place Masséna
06300 Nice

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