The Overland Track : Accommodated & Guided

bag Australia's most popular long-distance hike in relative comfort

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After a day treading the Overland Track, you could pitch a tent and open a packet of freeze dried food. Or you could hang your gear in a drying room, soap off the sweat and mud – there’s always mud – under a hot shower, and drink Tasmanian pinot noir with a meal cooked for you. The opportunity to play Scrabble before climbing into a real bed – not a sleeping mat in sight – is another reason to splurge on an accommodated Overland Track experience.

With the Tasmanian Walking Company you tread the same spectacular 65km over six days as do independent hikers, finishing with a boat ride down Lake St Clair to waiting transport. But you carry only clothes, toiletries and lunch so your pack should weigh in under 12kg.

Nights are spent in five purpose-built private lodges architecturally designed for minimum environmental impact. Water is filtered before release and toilet pods and rubbish flown out by helicopter. These twice-a-season flights bring in bulk foods and survival rations – such as chocolate and wine.

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(613) 6392-2211
Guided walk from A$3,380 per person, inclusive all meals and wine and transfers to/from Launceston
Tours run October to May

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