The Malecon

A seaside promenade for visitors and locals alike

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The Malecon is a broad promenade that stretches along the edge of the water and provides a perfect venue for a leisurely walk. There are beautiful sculptures by Mexican artists along the way, as well as food stalls, shops, vendors and cafes. And wonderful views of the ocean and the waterfront.

Joggers are out on the Malecon early in the morning, and by about 10 am the vendors start to arrive, late risers get out for breakfast and a walk, and the busy day begins. The action continues into the early morning hours in the part of the malecon where the nightclubs are.

But at almost any time of the day this is a good place to be, and something is always happening.

There is a fascinating guided walk that takes you along the malecon and gives the history and background information about sculptures that line the walkway.

At A Glance

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