The Lanes

Shopping, Eating & Drinking Area popular with locals and tourists

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The Lanes are a collection of mostly pedestrianised streets in the heart of Brighton. These streets are filled with eclectic boutiques, delicious looking cafes, bars, restaurants, ice cream shops and much more. The majority of shops and restaurants are independent and unique which makes for a fantastic experience. This area is as frequented by locals as it is by tourists.

Buskers and Brunch

The Lanes will be filled with people morning and night. It is well known for great brunch options, roasted single origin type coffee places, great restaurants, interesting and quirky shopping as well as bars and nightclubs. There are often buskers throughout so you may well have a soundtrack for your shopping. In recent years the few empty walls in the Lanes have also become popular with street artists. Really, the Lanes have something for everyone!


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