The East Coast Trail

One of the world's finest long-distance coastline hikes

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The East Coast Trail, Newfoundland and Labrador’s most celebrated long distance walking path, divides into 26 segments to produce a 300km (200 mile) hike between communities along the east coast of the Avalon Peninsula, including the capital city of St. John’s.

The first portion of the trail opened in 1994, the last in 2015 and the result is no ordinary walk in the park: In 2010 National Geographic named the Avalon Peninsula the #1 coastal destination in the world and in 2012 the East Coast Trail was named one of the 10 best adventure destinations on earth.

Icebergs, dolphins & puffins

If you’ve always wanted to see icebergs as they drift south to their inevitable destruction then there is no better place in the world than the East Coast Trail. Add to that the opportunity to see a variety of whales and dolphins, the largest puffin colony in North America, historic lighthouses and tiny fishing communities clinging to the edge of the wild Atlantic and you will know why people come from around the world to hike some or all of this iconic Newfoundland trail.

Options around St. John’s

The visitor to St. John’s has a number of options available for hiking a portion of the trail, including starting from right inside the city to renting a car and heading out to any number of trailheads within a short distance of the city.

The Cape Spear Path features an historic lighthouse at the most easterly point in all of North America and can be hiked by anyone who is reasonably fit to the Spout Path which is a challenge to even the most seasoned hikers who tackle this trail to witness the wave powered geyser at the middle of this segment.

The Trail website is a great planning tool as it allows the prospective hiker to choice the length and difficulty of the hike.

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