The Brandenburg Gate

Berlin's iconic gate

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Berlin’s internationally famous city gate stems from 1792 and was the work of Carl Langhans. And it’s a mighty portal indeed: huge enough to sport a sculpture of a four-horse chariot driven by Nike, goddess of victory, on top.

But its renown stems from its role as a backdrop to Berlin’s big historical moments. As you pose for photos in front or gaze up its mighty grooved pillars, consider Napoleon processing through it with his victorious French army; Hitler parading beneath in torch-lit Nazi parades; its forlorn look when it was part of the Berlin Wall; and how Berliners gathered here to party on those momentous nights in 1989 when East Germany caved in.

Pariser Platz the plaza in front is surrounded by important buildings, including the American and French embassies and the Adlon Hotel, one of Germany’s finest.

At A Glance

Pariser Platz

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