The Border Track

get a mountain high stepping out on the Queensland-NSW border

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There are many temptations, some safe to indulge, others best resisted, on the Border Track in Lamington National Park. Swinging Tarzan-like through the rainforest on twisted vines; hugging majestic, moss-cloaked ancient Antarctic beech trees; and luring trapdoor spiders from track and bank holes (gaping or wearing leaf-matter caps) are three. So the 21.4km (one-way) walk along the Queensland-New South Wales border between Lamington’s Green Mountains and Binna Burra sections can take longer than you expect.

Apart from a steady climb to begin and a similarly angled final descent, this walk is mostly flat, and its length can be more challenging than its profile. Most people could comfortably complete it in 8 hours, however the fabulous bird life can rob you of impetus (the cry-cum-miaow heard throughout the park is the green catbird); as can the lookouts.

At several places along the track you can see south into the Tweed Valley, a vast erosion caldera from which rises Wollumbin-Mt Warning, the remnant central vent.

For the ultimate on-foot adventure here, sign up for the Stinson Walk and retrace a famous mountain rescue.

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Best May to October; don't be put off by a little rain, but check creek levels.

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