Tharros Archaeological Site

Phoenician-Punic and Roman site on the beach

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Tharros is one of the most fascinating and extensive Phoenician-Punic and Roman archeological sites in Sardinia. It is situated on the Sea Reserve of the Sinis Peninsula in the West Coast of Sardinia, rich in heritage and natural reserves. The excavations dating to the Roman Age of this ancient city include Roman temples, Thermal Baths, a necropolis, part of the Roman road, and the Castellum Acquae.

Visiting Tharros: Tharros Photos and Guide on Wandering Sardinia

This is one of our favorite beaches because the archeological site is right by the beach, providing opportunity for both enjoying the beach and exploring the archeological site.

There’s lots more to see on the Sinus Peninsula: Archaeology, Beaches, Wetlands, Ancient Churches, and Spaghetti Westerns

Tharros and the Sinus Peninsula are near the city of Oristano.

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San Giovanni di Sinis
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