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South Burgundy is served by TGVs on the Sud-Est line (Paris-Lyon). Stations directly on this line are Le Creusot-TGV and Mâcon Loché-TGV.

You can also take the TGV to Chalon-sur-Saône and the non-TGV train station in Mâcon.

The TGV for Southern Burgundy leaves from Gare de Lyon in Paris.

When the TGV is on special tracks it travels at up to 180 miles an hour. Making Southern Burgundy 1.5 hours from Paris.

The road between Azé and Cluny crosses over the TGV line and if you are lucky you can see one speeding by!

TGV trains are quiet and you don’t feel many bumps. Just about all have a dinning car, but it is best to bring food as eating on a TGV is expensive.

TGV seating is similar to airplanes but with more legroom. Seating is four across with a passage in the middle.

TGV tickets can be bought in most train stations in France, either at ticket windows or at vending machines that look like ATMs. Most but not all tickets are cheaper the earlier you buy them.

At A Glance

One way: Le Creusot-TGV €40-70 & Mâcon Loché-TGV €40-€90
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