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Landing at the mall

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Forget shopping at the airport and come to this mall instead, which is designed to look like an airport. It’s a strange theme, but it does set it apart from all the other shopping centers.

After passing through security – is it airport security, or mall security like you see everywhere in BKK? – visitors can head up an escalator to level 3, the Istanbul City level. The Turkish influence ends with the décor, though. The shops, which are small and resemble stalls at a market, are run by local designers and entrepreneurs.

The whole concept of landing on different cities like London, Rome, and Paris in one big airport is a bit fuzzy and Disneyesque, but it’s still fun. What makes this mall better than a lot of others is that there are independent designers and businesses, and it’s not frantic.

Levels are loosely divided into departments: men’s clothing and accessories, women’s clothing and accessories, etc., with a lot of food court areas.

BTS: Asok
MRT: Sukhumvit

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