Tenganan Aga Village

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Entrance:  A donation of Rp50,000 to cover a local guide to walk you through.

Tenganan is a walled village, thought to date back as far as 200BC, that is still home to the Bali Aga people, the original descendants of the Balinese. Centuries ago the Bali Aga resisted the onslaught of Hinduism that was embraced by the rest of the island’s population and today the group remains fixed in their traditional ways.

For many years any outside influences were totally discouraged and marriages outside the village forbidden. Even now, while acknowledging the economic benefits of tourism, outside visitors are only permitted during certain hours.

The villagers continue to practice their traditional crafts which include basket weaving, manuscripts made of dried palm leaves known as “lontar”, and textile weaving. While the volume of local product for sale does give it a slightly commercial feel, it is a pleasant, well ordered village which is enjoyable to explore and the villagers are not pushy. The craft is superb quality, including some exquisite hand woven, “double Ikat” pieces. This technique is very time consuming and labour intensive so the pieces are quite expensive.

If you have the time, and can organise a guide, there is a very good walk leading from the end of the village to the top of the rice terrace which takes around 90 minutes.

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At A Glance

Jl Raya Nyuh Tebel,
Tenganan, Manggis Bali 80761
(62) 81338349417

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