Temple of Augustus & Forum

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Constructed between the year 2BC and 14AD (the year when Emperor Augustus died), the Temple is dedicated to the goddess Roma and (of course) Emperor Augustus.

Used in the beginning as a temple to offer sacrifices to the emperor, after the ancient era, the building was converted into a church and granary. In 1944 it was hit by a bomb and leveled. It was reconstructed between 1945-1947 and nowadays houses a collection of ancient stone and bronze sculptures.

While sitting at one of the plentiful cafes on the Forum (marveling at the temple), why not indulge in an Istrian regional treat, the fizzy drink Pasareta. Pink in colour and not as sweet as a Creaming Soda, Pasareta can only be purchased in Istria…ask for this sugary pop in Zagreb and waiters won’t know what you’re talking about. Ask for ice – it needs it.

After the sugar hit, head over to the Roman floor mosaic, just off Sergijevaca. This beauty dates back to the 3rd century and depicts Dirce being punished, those who know their Greek mythology will know Dirce as the bad girl who murdered her cousin.

Also located on the Forum is an entrance to Zerostrasse, an underground system of tunnels and bunkers built before and during WWI to shelter the Pulazani (people from Pula) and store ammunition. You can walk through a few sections, all leading to a central aviation exhibit. There are three entrances – this one, one near the Archaeological Museum and a third on Giardini, just up from the Triumphal Arch of Sergius.

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