William Tell's Chapel

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This Catholic chapel dates from the 19th century (although a chapel has stood at this spot since the 16th century), but its association with Swiss mythology goes way back to the 14th century, when legend has it that folk hero Wilhelm Tell (William Tell), leaped from a boat (and his captors) here, in order to escape the clutches of Habsburg despot Gessler.

The chapel itself features four frescoes by the Basel-born artist Ernst Stückelberg. The frescoes depict key moments in the history of Switzerland: the Rütli Oath, the famous Willam Tell apple-and-crossbow incident, the ‘leap’ and Gessler’s death in Hohle Gasse.

To get here by land, it’s a quick walk from the car park of the Tellsplatte hotel, or you can simply try a bit of chapel spotting from a boat on lake. Regular Lake Lucerne-Lake Uri services pass the chapel (nearest ferry stop: Tellsplatte), as does the William Tell Express.

At A Glance

Tellskapelle, Axenstrasse
Seelisberg Uri CH-6452
41 41 820 30 00

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