Tasman Peninsula

Venture to the edge of drop-off cliffs on one of Australia's most rugged coastlines

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The ground plummets into the Southern Ocean centimetres from your booted toes. Land meets water more than a hundred metres below. Are you hyperventilating with fear? Or are anticipatory goosebumps lifting along your arms? The latter? Then prepare for bushwalking Tasmania thrills on the Tasman Peninsula, southeast of Hobart, the most spectacularly rugged stretch of Tasmania’s spectacular coast.



Think misty tall timber forests and delicate wildflowers, sandy bays and sheer sea cliffs thrust from dark depths and topping out at a 300m. The peninsula’s awesome, jaw-dropping scenery – critics of clichés and made-up words be dammed! – contrasts the Tasman Peninsula’s best-known attraction, the infamous Port Arthur convict settlement.

Many of the scenic high points – Cape Hauy, Cape Raoul, and the Tasman Coast Trail – are in Tasman National Park and can be reached only by expending energy on foot. So at day’s end you can be justifiably smug about what you’ve seen and how you got there.

The 4-day, hut-based Three Capes Track (bookings essential) takes you to two capes, Hauy and Pillar, and gives you a good look at the third. Cape Raoul can be explored on a separate day walk.

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(613) 6214-8100
A$24 per vehicle (up to 8 people) per 24 hours; multi-day passes also available
Best October to May.

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