Tanah Lot

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Cost: Adult:  Rp30,000, Child: Rp15,000 Parking: Rp 2,000
for a motorbike and Rp5,000 for a car

Open: 7AM- 7PM

Perched on a rock in the ocean, only just offshore, Pura
Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s most significant and revered temples.  The 16th Century temple is said to
have been built at the instigation of Hindu Priest Danghyang Nirartha who was
very influential in the Balinese adaption of Hinduism.

Sunset is the most popular time to visit this temple, with
the structure silhouetted against the overwhelming colour of the setting
sun.  However, an early morning visit
will allow easier movement around the complex.

Entering from the front will require a journey through the relentless
proliferation of souvenir shops. If this is not your favourite pastime, it can
be avoided by entering from the car park.

The Tanah Lot temple is completely surround by water at high
tide but at low tide you can walk right to the temple itself.  Tourists are not allowed inside which, given
that it is also home to a number of snakes, may not be a bad thing.

Photographically the temple is stunning at any time of day
though it is hard to beat the drama of a sunset backdrop or torch lit
excitement of a night-time Kecak dance performance. Visiting the temple on a
Hindu holy day can be equally theatrical with hundred of devotees making the
pilgrimage across the rocks, forming an impressive procession.

There is also a small temple nearby, which sits atop a rock
at the end of a bridge of natural rock, creating yet another picturesque image.

At A Glance

Desa Beraban, Kecamatan Kediri,
Tabanan Bali 82171

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