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This open-air slice of all things Swiss is a favorite with children and adults alike and a great way to see just how different the 26 different cantons of Switzerland are without having to travel to every single one of them.

Ballenberg (where the museum is located) features over 100 century-old buildings reclaimed from all over the country, complete with gardens, animals (some of which can be petted) and demonstrations of local crafts, trades and traditions.

Visitors can stroll through the grounds at their own pace, soaking up the uniquely Swiss ambiance and popping in and out of the furnished homes.

There are three on-site restaurants, plus BBQ facilities and picnic areas for those who are self-catering.

To access Ballenberg by train, the closest cities are Interlaken, Bern and Lucerne. By car, follow the signs from Brienz, Meiringen or the Brünig Pass to Ballenberg West or Ballenberg Ost. There are car parks at both entrances.

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At A Glance

Museumsstrasse 131
Hofstetten bei Brienz Bernese Oberland CH-3858
41 33 952 10 30
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