Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk

from lush palm wetlands to drier ridge tops

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Leeches – bloodsucking leaches! There, I’ve said it. So consider yourself warned about unwelcome wildlife
encounters on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. Fortunately, leeches are a problem only on the first of your four days on this trail, following Skene Creek through Kondalilla National Park, in the Blackall Ranges.

If you’re prepared – gaiters and strong repellent team well – you’re up for a wonderful hike. Through forest reserves, national parks and mountain villages. Along corridors of piccabeen palms and turpentine trees frequented by splendid purple, green and yellow wompoo fruit doves and perfectly camouflaged cat birds (their calls sound like a meowing baby). And from waterfalls cascading into leafy grottos to exposed eucalypt-studded ridges presenting expansive valley views.

With car shuffles you could bag this 58km trail over four day walks, on separate visits or sleeping in local accommodations. This is, though, probably the least challenging of the ten Great Walks of Queensland to do as a pack walk loop. The three walkers-only camps (bookings essential) have composting toilets, raised picnic tables and untreated rainwater.

At A Glance

(617) 5459-6110
A$5.95 per person per night for Great Walk camping; camping permits must be booked and prepaid
Best March to October; it's hot and humid in summer (November to February) and the leaches particularly voracious

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