Sunset at Rick’s Café Negril

Most popular sunset watching spot in Jamaica

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Negril’s location at the west end of Jamaica makes it the island’s best place for sunset watching, a daily ritual attracting thousands to the water’s edge to view the colorful display of clouds and disappearing yellow orb. In Negril, no day is complete without seeing the sun set.

Except perhaps for Key West, no where has this tradition gone on longer than at Rick’s Café on Negril’s West End cliffs. Rick’s opened in 1974 when Negril was a sleepy fishing village without electricity. Once merely an alternative to sunset viewing on Seven Mile Beach, Rick’s has become the classic sunset location for visitors staying in every part of Negril. It has the view! And the pre-sunset entertainment. The multi level limestone terraces in front and beside the bar often are packed to capacity.

Sunset watchers gather at Rick’s not only by land but by sea, with small powerboats, catamarans and sailboats clustering around the cliffs in front of the bar. Boat passengers have the best view of the pre-sunset show: tourists and Jamaicans diving into the water from a 35-foot high cliff.

To claim a good spot at Rick’s, arrive at least 60 to 90 minutes before sunset. The wait should pass quickly. Rick’s is ranked as one of the world’s best bars and the Caribbean’s sexiest watering hole. The drink menu has a variety of rum and other concoctions but a Jamaican Red Stripe always goes down smoothly.

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