Grand Canyon's daily miracles

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Don’t waste the gold! Golden light makes Grand Canyon sunsets and sunrises a hand-applauding event. When the canyon and clouds light up with blushing hues, do more that document the event, capture a memory to frame. Every viewpoint is great, but Hopi, Yaki, and Yavapi points span west to east for views of the glowing canyon. Don’t rush for the shuttle bus when the sun dips below the horizon. The sky continues to blaze for another 20 minutes. For sunrise head to Yaki and Yavapi points. The Hermits Rest return shuttle stops at Mojave and Hopi Points every 15 minutes to take sundowners back to the Village. On the North Rim, Bright Angel and Cape Royal capture the trans-canyon grandeur. See the Sunrise/Sunset/Moon Phase wensite for exact times for each month. Be sure to arrive 30 minutes before sunrise and 90 minutes before sunset to see the changing colors and shadows.

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Sunset and sunrise

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