Summit County Rafting

Whitewater river rafting in mountain rivers

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From a float trip to exciting rapids, there are Colorado
raft trips for everyone. These companies have offices in Summit County, so can
give you information about raft trips reachable from here, and current
information about water levels on the rivers.

AVA provides raft trips from several towns including Breckenridge (800) 370-0581). Kodi Rafting (877) 747-7238)
offers approximately 30 different trips on six different rivers including the
Arkansas and Colorado.  Pickups at locations and lodges in Summit County
may be available.

Early season water is cold and can be rough. Ask about wet suits and which trip
to book if you bring children along. Never been river rafting?  Here’s a video by Kodi Rafting, so you can see why it can be fun.

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